Case History

Case History - PSW Integrity UK


  • Introduction
  • Paper and Board Mill Condition Monitoring
  • Differences between Paper and Board Machine
  • Paper Machine - Typical Newsprint Machine
  • Paper Machine - Condition Monitoring Challenges
  • Paper Machine - Solutions
  • Board Machine - Example Scope
  • Case Histories
  • Ranger Wireless Solution 




Lime Kilmr Case Study by PSW Integrity UK

Lime Kilmr

Lime kilns are used to produce lime in the manufacturing process of sulfate cellulose.With the help of high tem- peratures, the lime kiln changes  calcium carbonate CaCO3 to calcium  oxide CaO.

Calcium  oxide  is needed  to change  green lye into white lye, which again is needed in the pulping process.







Orbit Winsaforest Cover by PSW Integrity UK


This article explores the use of System 1®  
software in conjunction with Trendmaster®  
Pro data  acquisition hardware at a pulp 
and paper mill in Finland.


Applied to nearly 50 discrete pieces of process machinery through- out the mill, the system has only been in operation since April 2004, yet has already  been instrumental in identifying and solving more than ten separate machinery problems.

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