Lean Management Coaching

Lean Management Coaching

PSW Integrity bring a world class ability to visualise, assess and translate business challenges in your organisation.

the inspiration for PSW Integrity came from a chance meeting between friends, who happened to have expertise within the fields of Enterprise resource planning systems and process driven lean management implementation. we noticed that projects within both areas of our exper tise shared problems of underperformance with an ironic twist; many lean thinking projects missed opportunities to integrate the benefits and life blood that organisations gain from their it systems; and many Erp implementations ignored major process improvement opportunities.

the result was the formulation of an approach to business improvement that was able to address it system transformation and management process improvement simultaneously.

PSW Integrity have grown rapidly since incorporation in 2008, acquiring new clients through the deliver y of their separate improvement disciplines (process driven lean management and Enterprise resource planning optimisation), plus the effective deployment of their unique ‘blended’ approach – lean Erp.


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PSW Integrity are specialists at configuring and implementing Enterprise resource planning (Erp) systems that facilitate the flow and transparency of management information across all depar tments of an organisation faster, with the emphasis on speed and accuracy, resulting in more effective decision-making in order to optimise business performance and results.

the effective implementation of an Erp system into a business requires changes to be made to the processes and procedures throughout an organisation. if handled incorrectly, a poor implementation can cause the improvement initiative to fail, or even worse cause severe disruption and organisational trauma.

therefore, we have developed a unique approach to implementation using the principles of lean management thinking, which helps streamline the implementation process and engage all stakeholders throughout the project.this leads to sustainable change and performance.

We are able to implement both lean and Erp systems independently, however, the combined lean Erp approach has been developed over a sustained period of extensive research and experience and we truly believe we are unique in our ability to deliver such integrated transformational improvement.


Lean Management Coaching – Helping Others to Lead

Lean management thinking is principally about creating excellence by removing wasteful activity from processes so that they flow more efficiently and effectively to optimise business performance and increase organisational results.

implementation of transformational change within an organisation requires people to take ownership of the new processes, which is done by understanding and recognising the benefits that will be generated and then lead others to effectively implement the processes throughout an organisation.

At PSW Integrity we help generate ownership and leadership through our 3 stage coaching programme:

1. the theory - we teach the methodology and theory of lean management thinking so people can fully understand the principles of why and how it will benefit their business

2. practical implementation - through research and experience we have developed a comprehensive range of tools and frameworks that we teach people how to effectively implement the new processes

3. 1-2-1 coaching – we work closely with key stakeholders of the project at ever y stage of implementation to ensure we can effectively pass on our knowledge and expertise so that they can lead others to effective process changes this collaborative approach helps to create change that is not only effective, but is also sustainable as people within the business are proud to take ownership.

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